Biomaterial Product Solutions For Your Medical Implants

Proxy Biomedical is a trusted partner in design, development and manufacture of biomaterial focused medical implant products.  The company provides expertise in medical textiles, biomaterial covering and coating of implants, as well as absorbable implants, with a proven track record in innovative design and quality-assured manufacturing.  Delivering solutions for a range of different markets and medical applications, Proxy Biomedical enables you to supply next generation products to clinicians and their patients.



General Surgery




Featured Solutions

Bio-XT Resorbable Orthopaedic Implant Pin

Bio-XT is a proprietary biomaterials processing technology that maximises the strength of resorbable polymer implants.

Proxy Biomedical’s proprietary medical grade Polypropylene (PP) – ProTEX Med™

A unique custom synthesized resin, available for Proxy Biomedical partners leveraging downstream textile conversion processes.

proxy biomedical ptfe

Proxy Biomedical is now a leading outsource service provider of biomaterial coverings for vascular implants. Ultra-thin PTFE is the material […]

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